Our Students And Families Are Successful 

We strongly feel that students' success is measured by their growing confidence in themselves throughout the college process. 

What does it mean more specifically for students and families?

-Working with students to create a well-balanced list of schools to consider

-Encouraging the students to find their "voices" to complete the applications

-Reducing the family stress surrounding this process

-Advising students even after they select their colleges


success: applications

We want our students to discover that the applications should be able to be completed by a high school student! Success is completing applications in a timely manner to be considered for relevant honors programs and scholarships, to schools that are the right "fit" for the individual students

success: acceptances

There is a school for every student! Our students have been accepted at numerous institutions. Attached is a sample of recent acceptances received by our students. Again, not every child will receive the same results, but with thoughtful planning every child can be successful in obtaining a quality education, with ample opportunity for personal growth.

success: family

We want the transition--from having a high school student in the house to having a college student in the house--to be a smooth one.  On our website we provide things such as lists for dorm packing, as well as links to information about health and wellness.  On our facebook page we provide links to articles for parents.  But we are also here to answer your questions.