The Family College Experience was founded on the belief that the college experience is much larger than the time a student spends attending college.

When people talk about the "College Experience" most people tend to focus on the student.  Many feel it begins with move-in, and ends when caps are tossed high in the air at graduation.  It is so much broader than that.  

On the student side, it encompasses the years in which the student prepares to attend college, decides where and how to apply, where to attend, and how the child adjusts to his or her time at school. 

On the family side, there is a different dynamic in the home.  While there are numerous transitions as the child grows, none of them cause families to encounter as much financial, emotional and logistical upheaval as does a child leaving for college.  In addition to the empty place at the dinner table, there is the realization that there will be changes in the level of involvement in the student's life. 

Each child and each parent will have a singularly unique experience, but the themes are universal and many of the trials and tribulations during this time share a great deal of commonality